Constitution Of Mediterranean Natural Life Association

Working Subjects of The Mediterranean Natural Life Association:

The association shall be open to all persons living in the society without regard to her/his religion, language, race, gender, age, group, belief, ethnicity, sexual orientation, philosophical beliefs, territories (including all persons in society including women, gender equality, environment, health, human rights (freedom of expression, freedom of association, freedom of religion and belief, torture etc.), disability rights, children’s rights, consumer rights, cultural rights, civil rights, social exclusion, education, agriculture, food, food security, forestry, animal husbandry, animal rights, aquaculture, environment, education and culture, arts, gender, health and social assistance, nature, natural life, ecology, bio energy, conservation and development of biological diversity, ornamental and tibbi aromatic plants etc. help in rural development, tourism, ecotourism, environmental protection and  nature conservation, urban awareness, urban development, pre-school education in the rural areas, children’s schooling, child labor, cultural heritage, practices or more masterful applications that may occur.

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