Field Day In Prickly Fig Flower!

Prickly fig flowers grown in the Erdemli District Agriculture and Forestry Directorate plot were harvested within the scope of the “Regional Products Development Project TR2011 / 013515-08 / 008” conducted by the Mediterranean Natural Life Association (Naturelder). In international academic studies; “The prickly fig flower contains a high proportion of minerals. It is used in alternative medicine in the treatment of kidney stones and prostate. It has diuretic, antioxidant and antibacterial properties. It is also used in the prevention of cardiovascular or oncogenic diseases, as it contains high amounts of vitamin K in prickly fig flowers. Having saturated fatty acids makes it a rich source of dietary fibre. ” We are thankful for their contributions to Imene Ammar, Monia Ennouri, Olfa Bali, Hamadi Attia, Bassem Khemakhemc, Thabèt Yangui, M.Mulas, Sana Bardaab, Massara Mzidc, Zouheir Sahnounb, Tarak Rebaiic, FAO, ICARDA and CACTUSNET as NATURELDER family.
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